The Ruling Guilds of Oz

The Ruling Guilds of Oz are each powerful in their own right, answering only to their head families and the laws of Ozma, The Scarecrow, and Azkadellia above them. The guilds have been around far longer than the United Oz Coalition (YoO 142), but have been a useful tool in spreading the power of the three rulers of Oz between themselves. Each guild is officially run by a head family, but the head families generally answer to one of the three rulers of Oz, known as the Trifecta.

At the founding of the United Oz Coalition there were 15 Ruling Guilds, but as part of the peace negotiations Azkadellia was required to disband her two active War Guilds and make an oath to control no military forces. In exchange for this concession Azkadellia was granted ownership of the Civil Authority, Oz’s Police Force, to act as her War Guild. After the negotiations were finished and all concessions were made there were a total of 13 Ruling Guilds split between the three rulers, with Scarecrow maintaining ownership of five guilds and Ozma and Azkadellia controlling four each.

The Trifecta held negotiations to redistribute power and guild ownership in YoO 147, five years after the instatement of the United Oz Coalition. During these negotiations a number of Ruling Guilds were moved from one ruler to another, and the Ivory Tower was promoted from a Minor Guild to a Ruling Guild under Scarecrow. Additionally, the previously disbanded Artificers Guild has been reformed with Ruling Guild status. There are now 15 Ruling Guilds in the land of Oz. Scarecrow rules five, Ozma six, and Azkadellia rules four.

Information about all 15 of the current Ruling Guilds is included below. Additionally, information about some Ruling Guilds which have been disbanded and no longer hold power in the Land of Oz, or who have only ever been recorded as rumors, are included here.

Labour Guilds

The Labour Guilds of Oz are some of the oldest and most entrenched in Ozian culture. Before there was a need for money, merchants, bureaucrats, and the various war guilds, there was already great need for farming, building, and ruling bodies for the various alchemists, inventors, and magic users of Oz.

Tinkers Guild

  • Initial Sponsor: Tin Man
  • Affiliation: Scarecrow
  • Head Family: Fiddlefret
  • Other Prominent Families: Jittergear, Dowit
  • Place of Origin: Winkie Country
  • Local Headquarters: Sabernock

The Tinker’s Guild consists of inventors, construct-builders, tinkerers, machinists, and a variety of other mechanically inclined or scientifically minded people. This guild is frequently associated with Tik-Tokism, which the members of this guild often believe to be a gross simplification of their intellectual pursuits. Many of the lower level members of this guild do follow one of the various Ozian religions, but higher up in the ranks this becomes much less common.

The Tinkers guild has jurisdiction over the manufacturing and maintenance of complex goods, experimentation and discovery of new technology. Individual Tinkers may sell their own goods, but it is also common for Tinkers contract through the Mercantile Guild since Tinkers rarely have the necessary connections and skills to work as effective salespeople.

Joining the Tinkers Guild

Applicants to the Tinkers Guild are expected to provide the guild with an example of something they can create, or records of  current work towards the development of new or improved technology. Membership in the guild requires ongoing assistance with maintaining guild owned constructs, machines, and devices or an oath to make experimental and developmental records available to all Guild members as soon as it is ready to publish.

Benefits of Membership

Through agreements with the Mephetics Guild, the Tinkers Guild is able to provide bulk alchemies to members at lower than market costs. The Tinkers Guild also provides Experiment Blueprints to members at below market costs. Other useful materials and techniques are also traded between members freely.

Grubbers Guild

  • Initial Sponsor: Scarecrow
  • Affiliation: Scarecrow
  • Head Family: Acres
  • Other Prominent Families: Glass
  • Place of Origin: Munchkinland
  • Local Headquarters: LairaBee

The Grubbers Guild is by far the most well represented guild in Munchkinland due to the widespread farming communities. Farmers, shepherds, butchers, bakers, hunters, and any other who use the lands natural resources to feed the always-hungry population of Oz belong to this guild. This guild has never been considered a politically powerful guild, but few people are willing to move against the Grubbers for fear of what it could mean for Oz if their work was interrupted.  This has been reinforced with the recent famine, and Grubbers seem poised to rise in power and esteem.

The Grubbers Guild has jurisdiction over the maintenance of Oz’s food supply through hunting, farming or otherwise assisting with the creation and of food. Food preparation, such as running a bakery or a cannery also falls under Grubber jurisdiction, and tangentially related jobs such as pest control fall under the Grubbers as well.

Joining the Grubbers Guild

Joining the Grubbers Guild requires only that a representative of the guild is able to verify that the applicant is employed as one of the qualifying professions, owns their own farmlands or farm animals, or has the correct documentation to hunt within Oz as appropriate. Membership within the guild requires that all goods which are not used for the member’s own family or community, or sold directly by the Grubber responsible for them directly to customers or an intermediary in the Mercantile Guild, are directly handed over to the guild for redistribution across Oz as appropriate.

Benefits of Membership

Members receive political protection for their farmland, hunting grounds, etcetera from the Grubbers Guild in the event that other guilds or governmental bodies attempt to claim eminent domain over the area. Additionally, the Grubbers Guild provides supplies and temporary laborers (generally borrowed from the Drudgers or Tinkers) to members in good standing as needed for no cost.

Masons Guild

  • Initial Sponsor: Tin Man
  • Affiliation: Azkadellia
  • Head Family: Von Laud
  • Other Prominent Families: Sabernock
  • Place of Origin: Winkie Country
  • Local Headquarters: Sabernock

The Masons Guild boasts that without their hard work, Ozians everywhere would be lacking the convenience of the famous Yellow Brick Road stretching from all corners of Oz. There is no historical record to show whether the Yellow Brick Road was created by early members of this guild or not, but it might be best not to say so to a Mason unless you’re interested in arguing. Most builders, road-brickers, well-drillers, miners, and other such contributors to the cities, townships, and road systems of Oz belong to this guild. Ozians who manufacture or repair “simple” or non-mechanical goods such as woodworkers, smiths, and leatherworkers.

The Masons Guild holds jurisdiction over the manufacturing and maintenance of all non-mechanical and non-edible goods and infrastructure.

Joining the Masons Guild

Like the Grubbers Guild, joining the Masons Guild requires that a representative is able to verify that the applicant is employed in one of the appropriate professions. Membership requires that the guild member must make their skills available in the event that the guild has a large project to complete in the member’s local area.. Members may also be requested by the guild to assist with projects outside of their local area for a increased rate of pay.

Benefits of Membership

Members of the guild are paid in emeralds for each approved project they assist with and the guild can also provide temporary laborers (generally borrowed from the Drudgers or Tinkers) to members in good standing as needed for no cost.

Artificers Guild

  • Initial Sponsor: Lurline
  • Affiliation: Ozma
  • Head Family: No current head family
  • Other Prominent Families: Varza (previous head guild family)
  • Place of Origin: Gillikin Country

The Artificer’s Guild was originally sponsored by the Great Fairy Lurline to provide a fair governing body for magic users in Oz. Many well known witches, wizards, and Immortals of ages past belonged to this guild. This guild had been disbanded by Ozma over a century ago, but was reformed quite recently under Ozma’s patronage. It is still the early days of this newly reformed guild, and any with the ability channel Oz’s magic is welcome into their ranks.

The Artificer’s Guild’s jurisdiction is still not clear at this time, but it is certain that over time this guild will assert itself as all others have.

Mephetics Guild

  • Initial Sponsor: Azkadellia
  • Affiliation: Scarecrow
  • Head Family: Cordraught
  • Other Prominent Families: Wisteria
  • Place of Origin: Winkie Country
  • Local Headquarters: Sabernock

The Mephetics Guild is comprised of various alchemists, potion-makers, and poisoners. Before the creation of the Rippers Guild, the Mephetics Guild contained all of the non-magical physicians of Oz. However, since the creation of the Rippers Guild, the Mephitics have lost a great deal in both number of members, and number of Ozian’s seeking their services. Much of their income now comes from the sale of poisons, which has soured their reputation with many Ozians. Some Mephetics sell their own goods, but others sell through Mercantile intermediaries or make agreements to sell wholesale directly to the Rippers Guild. Mephetics may grow or seek out ingredients on their own or go through the Grubbers for plant or animal based ingredients. Other ingredients are usually acquired through the Mercantiles if the Mephetics Guild does not have them in stock.

The Mephetics guild has jurisdiction over pharmaceuticals and the manufacturing of chemicals, potions, and other substances which are imbibed for purposes other than nutrition or applied for various effects. Research into and creation of new formulas also falls under the jurisdiction of the Mephetics Guild.

Joining the Mephetics Guild

The Mephetics Guild will accept anyone able to create alchemies, potions, and poisons. A representative of the guild will request that the applicant provide the guild with a regular supply of a certain alchemical compound in order to maintain membership.

Benefits of Membership

Members of the Mephetics Guild ensure that they do not compete with each other by either not selling in the same location as other guild members or by matching prices. Guild members are also able to request stock from the Mephetic Guild stockpile if they receive a request larger than their capacity to brew quickly enough for their customer. Large orders of rabies vaccinations have recently been supplied to many townships by the guild.

Rippers Guild

  • Initial Sponsor: Azkadellia
  • Affiliation: Ozma
  • Head Family: Jones
  • Other Prominent Families: Smith
  • Place of Origin:  Emerald City
  • Local Headquarters: Coran Teen

The Rippers Guild was created after the fall of the Great Spell and death once again become possible in Oz (YoO 142). The guild consists of doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medically inclined Ozians who heal. It is the only guild to be comprised heavily of Storm-Riders. Doctors, nurses, midwives, and medical researchers following traditions brought over by Storm-Riders make up a high proportion of the practices of the Guild, but some Ozian styles of healing such as healing focused alchemists or magically inclined healers find their place in the Rippers. There is some remaining distrust of magical healing among the ranks of the Rippers, but magical healing is recognized as legitimate medicine by the Guild as a whole. Due to the growing fear of sickness and injury which many Ozians have long lacked, this guild was able to strong-arm itself into existence and has grown in power very quickly. Who Azkadellia chose to create a new guild of Rippers rather than keeping them within her already long established Mephitics Guild is unknown, and not likely to be discovered now that both Guilds have been transferred out of Azkadellia’s control.

The Rippers Guild has jurisdiction over the practice of medicine or other healing arts.

Joining the Rippers Guild

To join the Rippers Guild applicants must have a previous patient vouch for their skill as a doctor, nurse, dentist, or medic; then perform a procedure they are familiar with in front of a panel of Rippers Guild Member. Members are required to spend one day of each month providing services at their local county clinic.

Benefits of Membership

Members of the Rippers Guild are able to get bulk orders of Elixir, Petrolatum and Smelling Salts at lower than market rates. Members are also paid for each service or procedure provided at their county clinic.

War Guilds

The war guilds are perhaps the most straightforward in Oz, as these guilds are mostly made up of the military forces under Oz’s three rulers. Since the United Oz Coalition, Azkadellia no longer has her own army and a number of other War Guilds were disbanded due to the newfound peace in Oz, but these remaining War Guilds are still a force to be reckoned with.

Civil Authority

  • Initial Sponsor: Omby Amby
  • Affiliation: Azkadellia
  • Head Family: Gendarme
  • Other Prominent Families: None
  • Place of Origin: Emerald City
  • Local Headquarters: LairaBee

The Civil Authority was initially created as the police force of Oz by Omby Amby, but was granted to Azkadellia after the creation of the United Oz Coalition.  However, in return, the Scarecrow and Ozma demanded that she relinquish her right to have an army of her own. Presumably, Azkadellia agreed in order to keep the peace in Oz, but rumor holds that she was actually pleased with the conversion.  Azkadellia has instilled the Civil Authority with her powerful sense of authority, and her officers are far less likely to let anyone off with a warning than the officers Omby Amby once maintained.

The Civil Authority is the only nationally recognized police force in Oz. They hold jurisdiction over the enforcement of Ozian and local laws within their assigned jurisdiction. Civil Authority officers works closely with local governments when they have been established within their assigned jurisdiction, or act alone to arrest and bring the accused party to trial through the Law Wards guild. Once convicted, criminal persons remain under Civil Authority jurisdiction until their sentence or service has been completed of the Civil Authority chooses to turn them over to the Drudgers Guild.

Joining the Civil Authority

To join the Civil Authority, a prospective member must apply to the Civil Authority Academy in the Emerald City. If they are accepted, they complete a two month intensive training and evaluation. At the end of the two months a test is administered and those who pass become full members of the Civil Authority.

Benefits of Membership

Members of the Civil Authority have legal authority to arrest citizens or noncitizens who do not qualify as monsters, creatures or beasts within their assigned jurisdiction and get paid a quarterly wage.

Ozma’s Army

  • Initial Sponsor: Ozma
  • Affiliation: Ozma
  • Head Family: Bloom (Daisy Bloom)
  • Other Prominent Families: Court, Bene
  • Place of Origin: Original members claim citizenship of all areas of Oz
  • Local Dance Hall: LairaBee

Ozma’s Army was created when Ozma took her rightful place as ruler in the Emerald City. Ozma’s Army is the only guild in all of Oz whose members are almost entirely female. Male supporters of Ozma are often invited to the balls and parties thrown by her Army, but never rise beyond the rank of Duchess.

Ozma’s Army has jurisdiction over civil espionage and defense within their assigned jurisdiction. Members of Ozma’s Army are responsible for handling civil unrest and for keeping Ozma appraised of the political state of all Ozian territories.

Joining Ozma’s Army

Those who wish to join Ozma’s Army may visit any of Ozma’s Dance Halls around the Land of Oz.

Benefits of Membership

All members of Ozma’s Army are invited to Ozma’s birthday party celebration each year, and have free access to the tea houses run by the Princesses of each territory.

Scarecrow’s Army

  • Initial Sponsor: Scarecrow
  • Affiliation: Scarecrow
  • Head Family: Freebaldash (Howward Freebaldash)
  • Other Prominent Families: Amby
  • Place of Origin: Quadling Country
  • Local Outpost: LairaBee

When the Wizard of Oz abdicated his throne to the Scarecrow (YoO 16), the Scarecrow determined that he should probably have his own army. The Emerald Army originally created to serve the Emerald City was absorbed into Scarecrow’s Army, but Glinda’s support delivered him the majority of his initial conscripts, who mostly came from Quadling Country. Omby Amby is the highest ranking member of Scarecrow’s Army, but insists that he “has no head for ruling” and thusly granted the Freebaldash family rulership of this guild.

Scarecrow’s Army members have jurisdiction over international espionage and defense within their assigned jurisdiction. Creatures, beasts, or monsters who do not qualify for citizenship (zombies, ooglies, etc.) are considered within Scarecrow’s Army jurisdiction as they cannot be tried for crimes or considered civil militant groups. Scarecrow’s Army often sets up blockades to prevent people from entering domains controlled by creatures, beasts, and monsters who do not actively threaten citizens outside of their territory.

Joining Scarecrow’s Army

Scarecrow’s Army is notably the only Ruling Guild with the authority to conscript Ozian citizens. Prior to the fall of the Great Spell, membership of Scarecrow’s Army was compulsory for anyone deemed not yet an adult of their race or culture, yet old enough to exercise freedom from their guardian. While this is no longer the case, Scarecrow’s Army still regularly conscripts new members who have chosen not to join other guilds by young adulthood. Many Ozian citizens, especially Quadlings, also volunteer to join Scarecrow’s Army. Anyone who is considered an adult in their culture may volunteer to join, and is eligible for conscription.

Benefits of Membership

Possibly one of the most straight-forward guilds in respect to benefits, Scarecrow’s Army provides for their members. Before the introduction of money to Oz, this was done entirely through food and water rationing, provisions of other necessities, and arrangements with the Hospitality Guild for member room and board. Now things are much less complicated as Scarecrow’s Army is able to pay each member in emeralds and let them figure out how to spend it on their own.

Being a Conscript

Being conscripted into Scarecrow’s Army means serving as a conscript to the local Scarecrow’s Army outpost. Conscripts are paid for each task or assignment completed at the behest of their superiors. Conscripts may volunteer to take on tasks or assignments at any time by reporting in to their outpost, and may be order to complete tasks or assignments officers present in their assigned township. Conscripts who actively and reliably complete their assignments can move up quickly to the lower officer ranks, other conscripts maintain their low rank indefinitely as they are shunted from one commanding officer to another. Conscripts may apply for membership in other guilds and will be released from their service to Scarecrow’s Army once their commanding officer is notified of their acceptance into another guild.

Emerald Guilds

The Emerald Guilds are considered the highest guilds in Oz, and the Mercantile Guild is the highest of the high. These guilds control the majority of Oz’s economy, and most members of the Emerald Guild families live in luxury that most Ozian’s could not even dream of.


  • Initial Sponsor: Tattypoo (Good Witch of the North)
  • Affiliation: Ozma
  • Head Family: Teller
  • Other Prominent Families: Bags
  • Place of Origin: Gillikin Country
  • Local Headquarters: LairaBee

The Bit-Lenders of Oz were created shortly after money was introduced by the Emerald City. The guild functions as Oz’s bank, both storing money for the wealthy and lending money to those with lesser means. Thus far this guild has been the least political of the Emerald Guilds, but many members of the Bit-Lenders know that money can move even what policy can not.

The Bit-Lenders hold jurisdiction of all banking and loaning of money.

Joining the Bit-Lenders

Joining this guild is a simple matter of financial investment and a demonstration of mathematical ability. The amount a new member invests as well as their demonstrated ability determines how much money the member will be entrusted to maintain and lend each month. Members are expected to send a percentage of the interest they earn from lending to the guild each month.

Benefits of Membership

Bit-Lenders are able to acquire loans from the guild for a flat fee rather than an interest rate.

Mercantile Guild

  • Initial Sponsor: Dorothy
  • Affiliation: Ozma
  • Head Family: Van Der Gold
  • Other Prominent Families: Du Plat
  • Place of Origin: Emerald City
  • Local Headquarters: None, all Mercantile Guild business goes through the Emerald City

The Mercantile Guild of Oz began as “mere” traders and merchants, but the wide network these families created and the power that comes with always being able to provide what others need helped this guild move up through the ranks of rulership quickly. Once currency was introduced to Oz the Mercantile Guild families quickly acquired more money than any guild aside from the Bit-Lenders. The Van Der Gold family has ruled this guild for almost it’s entire existence, and has continued to maintain their status as head of the highest Emerald Guild despite recent turmoil.

The Mercantile Guild holds jurisdiction over the sale and trade of inanimate objects. This included acting as intermediaries for the sale of good created by members of Labor Guilds who do not directly sell their own products.

Joining the Merchants Guild

The Merchants Guild usually asks to review the ledgers of new applicants in order to determine their skill and making reasonable investments and profits, though representatives have been known to offer effective merchants membership after witnessing them make a particularly impressive sale or investment in person. Members will be asked to make their goods available to other members at lower prices than market value.

Benefits of Membership

The Merchants Guild rarely provides financial support for its members, but they open up large new networks of contacts and members can request guild updates on where to acquire certain items at better than market prices.

Drudgers Guild

  • Initial Sponsor: Cowardly Lion
  • Affiliation: Azkadellia
  • Head Family: Devereaux
  • Other Prominent Families: de Mand
  • Place of Origin: Emerald City
  • Local Headquarters: Lairabee

The Drudgers Guild of Oz works closely with the Civil Authority. Some manage the logistical details of carrying out sentencing for those who have been remanded to periods of servitude, including finding suitable placements for them to carry out their sentences and ensuring that their charges are treated humanely by those who receive their service. Other Drudgers act as bounty hunters, tracking down those who are wanted for criminal activities and ensuring their safety until trial and sentencing as been completed. Citizens unable to pay fines outlined in criminal sentencing can also choose to instead fulfill a period of service, the duration of which scales base upon the expense of their unpaid fines.The power of the Drudgers Guild stretches far and wide across Oz, and the other Emerald Guilds leave them to their own devices for fear of losing their access to the most ideal and well-trained charges.

The Drudger's Guild has a dark history. Until recently any non-citizen was fair “game” for Drudgers to claim. It was well known that these non-citizens were kept enslaved with no offical sentencing setting a limited time upon their service. With the reorganization of Guilds and the transference of the Drudgers Guild to Azkadellia, things have changed. 

The Drudger’s Guild holds jurisdiction over the placement and care of those sentenced to periods of servitude by any court in the land of Oz.

Joining the Drudgers Guild

The Drudgers Guild has no requirements for joining aside from an interest in tracking down, training, managing, or finding placement for citizends remanded into service. Members of this guild are expected to keep accurate records of the drudges in their area and provide a percentage of their profits to the guild.

Benefits of Membership

Members of the Drudgers Guild are highly respected by members of Oz’s elite, especially within the Emerald Guilds. Drudgers can expect better prices for Emerald Guild goods and services and invitations to high class events.

Bureaucrats Guild

  • Initial Sponsor: Ozma
  • Affiliation: Azkadellia
  • Head Family: Balderdrudge (Patience Balderdrudge)
  • Other Prominent Families: Filer, Amanuensis
  • Place of Origin: Emerald City
  • Local Headquarters: LairaBee

The Bureaucrats Guild members pride themselves on the organized and well established bureaucratic means they use to get things done around Oz. Initially sponsored by Ozma, this guild was granted to Azkadellia through the negotiations leading to the United Coalition of Oz (YoO 142). Bureaucrats, lawyers, record-makers, and even the secretaries and accountants employed by other guilds belong to the Bureaucrats Guild. Anything can be done if you fill out the correct paperwork in exactly the correct way!

The Bureaucrats Guild has jurisdiction over the tracking and maintenance of legal records, including:

  • Civil Authority arrest and incident reports
  • Citizenship and census records
  • Records of legal proceedings
  • Meeting notes for local town halls and public meetings
  • Legislative records, including the changes to laws and governmental structure
  • Infrastructure and city planning records
Joining the Bureaucrats Guild

To join the Bureaucrat’s Guild, an applicant must first petition the guild for an apprenticeship via a requisition form. Once the form is appropriately filed it goes to the local office. Once approved, official apprenticeship papers from the local office signed by the head Bureaucrat of the local office and the mentor is given to the apprentice. Members of the guild are expected to regularly report to their local guild headquarters.

Benefits of Membership

As a member of the Bureaucrats Guild you are allowed to witness local political proceedings appropriate to your appointment in your official capacity and all personal paperwork may be expedited with no fee.

Hospitality Guild

  • Initial Sponsor: Ozma
  • Affiliation: Ozma
  • Head Family: Honeyleaf
  • Other Prominent Families: Cordiaheart, Generosa
  • Place of Origin: Munchkinland
  • Local Headquarters: Sapphire City

Innkeepers, maids, masseurs, performers, and courtesans all look to the Hospitality Guild for membership and guidance. The hospitality guild includes the most friendly and polite members of the Emerald Guilds, but they are no less political than their more vicious counterparts. The prominent  families of this guild are very active in the public eye, providing support for not only the members of their guild but many Ozians in need. However, most are very humble about their work and only speak of their deeds when asked.

The Hospitality Guild has jurisdiction over the sale and provision of non-product based services. If you are purchasing an experience rather than an object, the Hospitality Guild is bound to be involved.

Joining the Hospitality Guild

Once a member of the Hospitality Guild is informed that a new applicant is interested in joining, they are responsible for letting their local outpost know. The local Hospitality Guild representatives will then visit the new applicant and sample their services. Once the representatives have determined whether the services provided are satisfactory, they will provide a certificate which can then be displayed in the new member’s establishment if they have one. The Hospitality Guild requires members to choose between paying a percentage of their profits into Hospitality Guild funds, or providing other beneficial works such as providing their services for free to a certain number of clients each month.

Benefits of Membership

Establishments with membership certificates are often considered more highly than other established hospitality businesses, which can increase profits. Additionally, the Hospitality Guild will back their members financially for any charity event or other good work they request help with.

The Ivory Tower

  • Initial Sponsor: Scarecrow
  • Affiliation: Scarecrow
  • Head Family: Scholaste
  • Other Prominent Families: Didactia, Belletrist
  • Place of Origin: Munchkinland
  • Local Headquarters: Weathervane College

The Ivory Tower has yet to show their political colors with their recent rise to power, but it can be assumed that each move they make will be well-researched and discussed. Academics, philosophers, professors, researchers, and artists fill the ranks of the Ivory Tower. Many of the guild members are so absorbed by their work that they are almost invisible to the rest of Oz, aside from the existence of their publications, but the guild also contains many intellectual socialites.

Academic pursuits fall under the jurisdiction of the Ivory Tower, though the Ivory Tower often works directly with members of other Ruling Guilds on academic projects that involve the partnering Guild’s jurisdiction.

Joining the Ivory Tower

Many students at the universities across Oz join upon becoming adults and either never leave or transfer to another guild after graduation. Others who want to join the Ivory Tower should demonstrate their expertise in their field or submit an application for the field they would be interested in studying.

Benefits of Membership

Members of the Ivory Tower have free access to the campuses of all universities in Oz, as well as unlimited access to the university libraries. The Ivory Tower is willing to pay experts to teach courses in their field of expertise and offers financial or material support for academic endeavors so long as the member agrees to share their findings with the academic community.

Disbanded or Rumored Guilds

It is rumored that some, or all, of the Trifecta have established Ruling Guilds that are carefully kept hidden from the public eye and those loyal to other members of the Trifecta. Or that perhaps some of the disbanded guilds were simply taken out of public view. Many of these rumors suggest that Azkadellia has secretly maintained a military War Guild despite her oath, but there are also rumors of a secret guilds under both Ozma and Scarecrow. Whatever the truth is about these secret guilds, they can’t hold too much political power if no one knows about them, right?

Mercenary’s Guild

  • Initial Sponsor: Azkadellia
  • Affiliation: No current affiliation
  • Head Family: No current head family
  • Other Prominent Families: No current prominent families
  • Place of Origin: Winkie Country

The Mercenary’s Guild was initially used by Azkadellia to build the army she used to challenge the rulership of Oz. The guild was never very well organized and had begun to fall apart due to infighting even before the Scarecrow disbanded it during the signing of the United Oz Coalition treaty (YoO 142).  Today, its old members are often found in gladiatorial rings and selling their services as guards and laborers.

Snoopers Guild

  • Initial Sponsor: Mombi
  • Affiliation: No current affiliation
  • Head Family: No current head family
  • Other Prominent Families: No current prominent families
  • Place of Origin: Unknown

The Snoopers Guild comprised of messengers and scribers to outside eyes, but it was a poorly kept secret that this guild gained power by providing spies to the various powers in Oz, especially Azkadellia. This guild was officially disbanded long before the signing of the United Oz Coalition (YoO 142), but it truly died when Azkadellia agreed to relinquish her army.

Don't See a Guild for Your Character Concept?

Chat with the Character Guide! Some concepts may fit in a guild in a surprising way (we're had some weird ones!), or you can work with the CG to create a new minor guild that suits your character. Some of the minor guilds already listed in the Minor Guilds of Oz were created by players!

There are definitely some character concepts that make sense without guild affiliation, such as Changelings who live outside of "civilized" society, newly arrived Storm-Riders, non-citizens such as Nomes and Mangaboos visiting from their kingdoms, and Ozians who are not yet considered adults. However, guilds are a huge part of Ozian society, and if your character isn't part of one of them make sure you have put thought into why. Native Ozians often end up in whatever guild their family belongs to, since they are raised to learn their family trade. Storm-Riders and other non-Ozian born citizens often end up in Labor or War guilds since Emerald Guilds can be hard to break into as an outsider.

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