Forming a New Minor Guild

The requirements for forming a guild are as follows:

  • At least 3 prospective members
  • A proposed guild charter
  • A representative of one of the guild families who is willing to speak on your guild's behalf

To formally begin a guild, provide the guild family representative with a copy of your proposed charter and your list of prospective members. The representative will present this information and their support to a council of guild representatives from their order of guilds (Labour, War, or Emerald). The council may grant minor guild status for a year, after which the fledgling guild will need to present a new list of guild members and accomplishments to the council which approved them in order to receive permanent minor guild status.

If a guild family representative cannot be found, the list of prospective members and proposed guild charter may be submitted to the Bureaucrats Guild instead. Permanent guild status is much more difficult to acquire without the support of a representative, however.

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