Magic in Oz

Witchcraft falls into two main fields within Oz: Light and Dark. While many hear these titles and oversimplify as Good and Evil, the reality is far more complex.


In the beginning, the land was saturated with magic, though very few were able to wield it. Lurline and her court of Fairies flew over the lands of Oz, casting The Great Spell and enchanting the people with Immortal life. The fairies poured more magic into the land. Seeing a potential for individuals to obtain too much power, Lurline split the magic into light and dark, ensuring that no one witch could ever wield both.

  • Light Magic is orderly, protective, and healing. Practiced by many leaders, healers, and forward thinkers, light magic is often considered the 'building' or 'protecting' magic
  • Dark Magic is chaotic, corrosive, and seductive. Wielded by soldiers and traditionalists, dark magic is often considered the 'damaging' or 'controlling' magic.


Magic can manifest itself in an individual in many different ways.


The most common and old way for magic to manifest itself is genetically. Using magic saturates one's body, which has a possibility of being passed on to children. The stronger the witch, the higher likeliness of the magic being passed on. The type of magic is dictated by the parents, favoring the mother's side.

Children born with magic often manifest their abilities at a young age, either by great concentration and effort, or by accident. Depending on the preparation that the child had of this possibility, their reactions may be to focus and study the craft to perfect it, or attempt to hide it.


Through hard work and years of dedication, those without natural magical abilities can learn to wield the power. Students can find a school (see 'Education') or an exceptionally gifted tutor.

Those who are able to wield magic through study have varying levels of success, depending on their dedication and natural inclination. Some of the most powerful witches to have ever come from Oz have been those who gained magic through study.

Spontaneous Manifestation

A very recent phenomenon, in the years since the breaking of The Great Spell, magic has been known to spontaneously manifest itself in those without any magical lineage or study. Several theories exist as to why, but the occurrences are undeniable. Perhaps the most shocking of these instances is Storm Riders wielding magic.

Whenever magic manifests itself spontaneously in an individual, it is a surprise. A witch's first spell might be triggered by stress, excitement, or anger, and the resulting spell will reflect that. Depending on the witch's knowledge of magic, she may choose to practice her craft, study magic carefully, or hide it as best she can.


Some witches organize either for common ideals, protection, or to strive toward a common goal.

The Witches of Glinda's Glowing Light

A society based out of Quadling country near Glinda's palace, Witches of Glinda's Glowing Light are light witches that believe firmly in the disciplined study of magic. Donned in long white robes with colored cord belts showing their country of origin, these witches have spread to many parts of Oz, setting up small schools anywhere that they deem it needed.

Teachers - at the various small schools built throughout Oz, 1 or 2 teachers live and instruct those who come and wish to learn light magic.

Wandering Witches - while most stay in the established schools, some witches of the order wander, dedicated to teaching the willing and worthy the ways of light magic.

The Brotherhood of Ungentlemanly Mischief

This secret fraternity, based out of Three Queens College in Shiz (see Education), is made up of mostly Immortals and humans who have dark magical powers. The entire purpose of the group is to get together in secret once a month and pull large pranks using their magic. Since their original founding, the Brotherhood has become co-ed, though the majority remains men. Some members of the Brotherhood who have since moved away still meet in secret.

Fate's Aces

As magic began manifesting itself in those who had no training or magical bloodlines, many theories began circulating as to why. A popular opinion among those who benefited from this spontaneous manifestation is that Oz has a sort of consciousness and chooses those to whom it will gift magic. Though they might be from non-magical blood, they believe that Oz chose them for a greater purpose.

Meeting publically in gambling halls, casinos, and other places in which they can test their luck and destiny, members of the Fate's Aces gather. They are known to throw the best parties filled with games of risk and fortune telling.

The Rightful Sons and Daughters of Oz

A very secret organization made of conservative Immortals. Originating in Sapphire City, Munchkinland, this guild believes that magic was only meant for the Immortals: the true children of Oz. The guild avoids meeting in large groups, but might pass on missions through known guild members.

Missions may include anything from sabotaging non-Immortal magic users to assassinations in attempt to let the magic flow back into the land and its rightful owners. A death from The Rightful Sons and Daughters of Oz can be identified by the mark of a bloody arc (rainbow) over the victim's face.

Bloodmark- the Immortal who is rumored to organize the Sons and Daughters of Oz. No more information is known.

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