Items of Fable

Throughout the history of Oz many powerful alchemies, apparatus, and artifacts have been wielded by important historical figures to alter the fate of Oz, embark upon epic journeys, overcome insurmountable odds, or simply ensure good friends were not late for a birthday party.

Fabled Alchemies

Substances which have been brewed or created by powerful figures in Ozian history. The recipes of these alchemies are not publicly known.

Liquid of Petrification

A strange brew that turns anything, or anyone, it touches into solid marble. Useful for stopping charging monsters as long as you don’t spill any on yourself or any objects meant to remain soft and/or fluffy.

Powder of Life

A fine, white powder that can bring life to any object it touches. The Powder of Life has been used at least three times to bring Jack Pumpkinhead, the Sawhorse, and a flying machine with a Gump’s head to life as constructs. It has been said that it takes six years of storing four different pots to create Powder of Life. Some overzealous Mephitics have attempted this feat, but so far it has led only to disappointment, exhaustion, and one unfortunate permanent transformation of a young human Mephitic into young construct Mephitic.

Water of Oblivion

This sparkling, clear water bubbles up from the Forbidden Fountain within the Royal Palace of Oz’s garden. The Water of Oblivion looks harmless and refreshing, but those who partake are struck by a complete amnesia which in most people appears completely irreversible. Glinda the Good placed the Forbidden Fountain and it’s supply of Water of Oblivion long ago as a tool to defeat a wicked king. In more recent years the Water of Oblivion has been used to defeat the Nome King numerous times, but unlike most others who taste it, he seems able to recover his memories over time.

Fabled Apparatus

Unique scientific or “Tik-Tok” creations, some introduced by Storm Riders and others created by clever Ozians.

Love Magnet

This odd horse-shoe shaped chunk of metal has a curious quality which compels anyone who meets the holder to love them. The meaning of love in this case is quite general, everyone you meet having immediate romantic love for you would likely be quite overwhelming. Everyone the carrier meets affords a measure of good favor, friendship, and positive regard towards they who holds the Love Magnet.

Sand Boat

Build by Johnny Dooit, this curious craft is the only one known to safely carry passengers across the deadly desert while directly skimming the surface of it’s deadly sand.

Wizard’s Balloon

One of the most famous Tik-Toks in Ozian history, this strange machine allowed the Wonderful Wizard of Oz to travel both to the land of Oz and then back home to America.

Fabled Artifacts

Powerful artifacts wielded by great heros and horrible villains.

Emerald of the Eclipse

This fist sized emerald is said to multiply a caster’s reserves of magic fivefold while worn on their person. While very few actual details about the Emerald of the Eclipse are known for certains, rumors abound about the additional effects it might have on a powerful Wicked Witch or a member of the ruling Trifecta. No one knows the current location of the emerald or the art that created it. The emerald is currently sought after by Azkadelia.

Golden Cap

Whoever wears the Golden Cap has complete control of the Flying Monkeys of Oz, for three commands that is. It is made of pure gold with both diamonds and rubies encircling it. Many powerful witches of Oz have worn and used the Golden Cap. Most famously the Wicked Witch of the West, who ordered the Winged Monkeys to capture Dorothy and her companions on their way to defeat her, and Glinda the Good, who used it to return Dorothy’s companions to their homes and then returned it to the leader of the Winged Monkeys. Some Ozians reported seeing Winged Monkey’s among the armies of Azkadelia, before the United Coalition of Oz was formed, which has led some to suggest that she has or had the Golden Cap in her possession.

Magic Belt

Cleverly won from an old Nomish King, Roquat of the Rocks, this powerful artifact grants the wearer’s wishes. The large belt buckles at the wearers back and is covered with various precious gemstones. The extent of the Magic Belt’s power is not known for certain, but since it was claimed by Queen Ozma the Bilious it has been used to transport people to and from the land of Oz and to create objects from nothing. The Nome Kingdom and Oz have been at odds for as long as any recorded history, but it has been suggested that the removal of the Magic Belt from Nomish lands was a particularly grievous affront to the Nome Kingdom.

Oz Key

A key often found at opportune moments to open various locked doorways or even to open portals to Oz from other places. It usually appears in gold or bronze, and always bears an Oz symbol at the end of its handle.

Ruby Slippers

This rare and uninque artifact allows you to instantly teleport from Oz to Earth by putting the slippers on and clicking the heels together three times while saying the phrase "There's no place like home." Legend has it that the slippers will also teleport from Earth to Oz ("There's no place like Oz"), but no one knows for sure, nor does anyone know the current location of the ruby slippers or the art that created them. They are shrouded in such mystery that even the color of the slippers is a matter of great debate. Some claim they are actually silver and the ruby slippers are just a decoy. The truth is known by only a select few.

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