Colors of Importance

In Oz, colors are very important. They show allegiances and send messages about where one is from or where an Ozian calls home.

  • White: the color of witchcraft.
  • Black: the color of Azkadellia's supporters.
  • Red: the color of Quadlings.
  • Yellow: the color of Winkies.
  • Purple: the color of Gillikins.
  • Blue: the color of Munchkins.
  • Green: the color of the Emerald City.
  • Brown: the color of Storm Riders.
  • Rainbow: the color of Ozma's supporters.
  • Silver: the color of Scarecrow supporters.

Many Ozians wear more than one color, to indicate a story about who they are. For example, Pillikin Maple is from Winkie Country (yellow) originally, but now lives in the Emerald City (green) and works for the Scarecrow's army (silver) as a bookkeeper. He might wear a green jacket and pants with a yellow shirt and a silver tie. Asking about the colors one is wearing is always an appropriate conversation starter.

Storm Riders or creatures who live outside of society can sometimes find this system confusing, and even get frustrated by the assumptions made based on what they are wearing. When Dorothy first arrived in Munchkinland, she was wearing her blue and white checkered dress, which the Munchkins took to mean that she was a witch (white) and was either from Munchkinland (blue), or intended to call it home. Dorothy, on the other hand, had no idea what they were talking about.

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