Character Manager (v1.5) - Available for Testing

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Character Manager (v1.5) - Available for Testing

Postby barneym » Tue May 22, 2018 11:26 pm


In an effort to alleviate the issues with not having a functioning Character Manager, we've pulled together an interim solution based on the old site. This is dubbed the (version 1.5) edition of the CM.

We have launched this new version provisionally for the community to use and provide feedback on. You can access it by logging into Character Manager as usual. Once in, you will see a link to the "(New) Character Manager (v1.5)" in Green. While you are in the new site the page will be bordered in dark green.

While we hope there are no serious issues, there is a possibility that we've missed something and we encourage you to keep notes on your changes so we can investigate any problems or recover.

Release Notes (v1.5)
Character Migration

  • We have reimbursed points for Investor(2x level) and Archer(1x level)
  • Skillpaths may require changes to your supporting Skills in order to save the character.
  • Spells that are no longer available to your path or removed from game have been reimbursed (1x each)
  • Spell mapped may have resulted in unbalanced progressions (1st->2nd->3rd). When purchasing or changing spells you must re-balance your spell progression first by adding or removing spells.

Known Issues

No workaround Talents are not yet supported in the system.

Investigating Purchasing Immortal Pure Blood does not adjust Magic Pool.

Fixed Unable to upload or replace character image.
Fixed Archer points not reimbursed.
Fixed Investor still showing as a selectable SkillPath.

Reporting Bugs/Issues

We do not yet have a formal location for reporting bugs or issues. For now please post in response to this thread. Please read through the existing posts to see if your issue has been fixed. Minor Fixes will be updated to this thread. If we do a major update then we'll start a new thread and carry over any known issues.

If you have an issue involving private character details that you do not want to risk sharing, you may PM me here with the details.


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Re: Character Manager (v1.5) - Available for Testing

Postby Kristen W » Wed May 23, 2018 8:33 pm

Outlaw is not listed as a path option for Locksmith 3 / Scoundrel 3 yet.
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