Nov 4-6th Pregame Announcement

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Nov 4-6th Pregame Announcement

Postby skish27 » Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:06 pm

Hello Ozians!

We are a few days away from the Nov event! The 10 day weather forecast is showing rain, so make sure you pack accordingly.

Pre Game Announcements

A reminder that we are at Camp Kirby, located 4734 Samish Point Rd, Bow, WA 98232.

I am waiting on confirmation on our 3pm site walk-through with the camp facilities manager, but unless otherwise posted, the Earliest Site Access is 4pm. Please do not arrive any earlier, you will not be allowed on-site until after the site walk-through has been done with the Camp facilities manager.

It is imperative to follow the vehicle safety procedures that are posted on the site. Those rules are to drive no more than 5 miles per hour, and to honk at the top and bottom of the hill, wait and listen for a response before proceeding down/up on the one-car hill.

As requested by the site manager, please do not tag the site on Social Media.
Logistics will be located in the main dining hall. You will see signs for logistics at the bottom of the hill. If you have not already filled out a legal release form, or your emergency contact information has changed, please make sure to bring your legal release form, which is available on the facebook documents section. Camp Kirby requires that we have this information on file for all participants.

The official In-game start time is 9pm. Please review the following arrival procedures that will help everyone get in to game promptly at 9pm.

1. Visit logistics if open
2. Set yourself up
3. Assist staff volunteers w/ setup
4. Assist other players w/ setup
5. Game on at 9pm.

If you have medical training such as First Aid/CPR, LPN, RN or physician, please bring a copy of your certificates and let us know ahead of time or at check-in!

Per Camp Kirby’s Main Lodge Kitchen rules, all food prepared in the Main Lodge kitchen must be prepared by persons who hold a current food handler’s permit for specific State of Washington Health Department guidelines. Regulations vary according to the size and duration of the facility rental; please see their website for details. So please bring your food handler’s permit if you wish to prepare any food in the main kitchen, thanks.

This event will have an official Afters meet and greet. Come join us after the game to discuss your adventures, or just to hang out with the other LARPers.

The Farmhouse Restaurant
13724 Laconner Whitney Road
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Feedback form
Kristin is creating the feedback form and will be posting it shortly.

Service Dog
There will be a service dog on site for one of our players. Richard has purchased allergy medication, which will be available initially at logistics and later moved to ST Camp.

New Rules
This will be the first event with the new rules set. Please familiarize yourself with them and realize that everyone will be adjusting, and mistakes may occur. The lethality of the system has increased, so please keep that in mind. One of our players said it best. “I really think ST and players will need to pace themselves and not try to take advantage of the rules. And play to story primarily, with death being meaningful if intended.”

Announcements from Logistics

Logistics would like to remind everyone to please send in their tag exchange requests by Thursday, Nov. 4th. Otherwise, we will need to restrict site tag exchange to 15 tags.

Announcements from ST

Drop in NPCing
SC camp is always in need of drop in NPCs to help us represent the world outside of Horizon's Stronghold. There are a variety of roles for drop in NPCs to fill each game, and the SC team will work with you to determine where your character was when they left town! Additionally, Emerald Points are granted for playing NPC roles. Anyone who is interested in NPCing is welcome to stop by at any point throughout the weekend to fill an NPC role. We're looking forward to working with you!

SC Information at Check In
Logistics has some tidbits of information for players at check in tied to character guild, race, or other specific character specifications. Don't forget to check with logistics team for your SC info slip!

NPC’s and the New Rules
The Story Coordinators and our NPC’s are doing everything we can to ensure that we find the correct combat balance under the new ruleset. The combat may be more or less intense than intended this event due to changes to the ruleset. Please participate in the survey after the event to let us know how we did at providing balanced combat encounters. Thanks!

NPC Thrown Weapons
Some of our NPCs will be using thrown weapons this event. If you find these thrown weapons around site after they have been used, please return them to an NPC or to SC camp as soon as you have chance to they are not lost or damaged. Thank you.
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