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September Event Cancelled

PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2016 11:01 pm
by Clutch
I have some bad news everybody. Please make sure everyone you know gets this news.

TL:DR version - The event on September 30th is cancelled. Please do read the rest though.

Camp Kirby's management (not the people on site) made a mistake, and scheduled us for THIS weekend, instead of the 30th. Because of this, they booked a work party on the weekend of the 30th, for which they've rented machinery, and are going to be digging up a large part of the camp. Unfortunately they can't cancel/reschedule this, so we're left without a venue.

They told me this yesterday. I (and Camp Kirby themselves) have been trying to find an alternate venue, but at this short notice, there isn't anything that we can afford. I can't delay the decision any longer, so Staff have made the decision to cancel.

What Now:
If you have pre-paid for September, your ticket is good for November. If you paid after the discount deadline, so you have now prepaid well in advance for November, then we owe you $5, remind us when you check in for the next game, and we will refund you. If you can't make November, but want to carry the ticket over to an event next year, please let me know, and we will hold your ticket until an event you can make. If you really NEED a refund instead, again, let me know, and I will sort it out.

But Oz!:
We will try to hold an extra official event over the winter to make up four events a year.

And now what do I do with my weekend:
I am also going to hold a social event at my house on the weekend of the 30th, for those whose calendars now have a gap. I can't manage a full IG event at my place, but we will get the grill going on Saturday afternoon, and have an OOG Oz BBQ like we used to. There is plenty of space for people to crash afterwards, and we'll make a plan on Sunday to do something for those who stayed. We will supply some salads and bread and so on, as well as soft drinks, and _some_ beer etc, but please BYO meat and drink to share. Please RSVP to the event I'll be sharing on FB soon.

I am really sorry for anyone inconvenienced by this. This was entirely outside my control, and I have done everything I could to come up with an alternative. I know some people will have taken time off work, or booked travel, or other things - All I can do is apologize again.